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  • What is MossBoss NYC ?
    MossBoss NYC is decortive wall art. We use preserved moss to create unique wall hangings for any room in the home. MossBoss is hand crafted here in NYC. Our moss wall art hangings are not like traditional living walls, they require no maintenance. MossBoss NYC uses moss that once was living and is now preserved to create the beautiful textured wall hangings.
  • What is preseved moss?
    Preserved moss is 100% a natural plant. Plant preservation is a totally ecological process that replaces the natural sap of the plant with a preservative. Thanks to that natural process the moss retains its flexibility and their natural color and freshness without any maintenance.
  • Is that the natural color of the moss?
    YES AND NO! We use natural moss without any dyes and then we also use dyed moss ( our colored moss).
  • How long does it last?
    There is no expiration date for perserved moss since it is no longer a living plant. Perserved moss has a general shelf lifespan of about 3+ years and longer if maintained well. * keep out of direct sunlight * do not pull moss out of frame * mist with water once a month to keep from overdrying.
  • How do I take care of the Moss Art?
    Our moss does great with at least 30%-40% room humidity. We recommend lightly misting with water (use a spray bottle) once a month to keep the moss from overdrying.
  • How do I take care of my MossBoss wall art?
    We recomend giving the box a misting of water once in a while. Misting isn't needed but can keep the moss from gettting to dry and falling apart. Keep out of direct sunlight ( direct sunlight will fade the moss). Use a feather duster lightly to keep clean from dust.
  • Will it grow?
    No! We use preserved moss, so our wall art will not grow.
  • Where do you get the moss?
    We don't grow our own moss. We get our moss from a distributor in Oregon who clutivate, clean, preserved and dye our moss for us.
  • Does it smell?
    Yes, Moss has a natural order but will disapate after time.
  • What is your return policy?
    If you are not satisfied with your artwork, items may be returned within 14 days of delivery and a refund will be issued. The artwork must be in original condition. Custom made ordered pieces are created especially for you and based on the exact requirements of each individual client and therefore may not be returned or exchanged. If artwork has been damaged during delivery please contact us so we can make it right.
  • How long does it take to make a custom order?
    It can take 4 - 8 weeks to build a custom order and get it ready for delivery and installation. We try and get your order to you as soon as possible, but we take great pride in creating your art work to your exact liking and specification and that can take a little time. We'll make accomidation to any time sensitive pieces needed for an install or Corporate event.
  • Is the moss toxic to my pets?
    Although we use moss that is nontoxic, it can cause gastrointestinal irritation. The symptoms of moss ingestion are nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Contact your veterinarian for care advice. Fun Fact: my dog, like most dogs are very curious and will eat anything. Bella ( my 1 yr old pup) ate quite a bit of moss one day. While I stepped away from my work station she ripped open a bag of moss and went to town on it... shes fine, had a diarrhea for a day or two but thats all.
  • Can you create my logo out of moss?
    Yes! I'll work with you and give you the exact logo and proportions to stay on Brand.
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